The myth is still alive

I was just sent a You Tube video titled Yakub’s Book of Tricknology. It depicts a badly drawn cartoon of a Black man in a white robe. He has an overly large head. The voice is computer generated.

This character goes on for four or five minutes telling his “albino” children how to take over the world and dominate brown and black people. I was sent the video because it had the word “albinetic” in it. This is in reference to White people, not true albinos.

In explaining this video to the person who sent it to me I pulled out my dusty old copy of The Isis Papers by Francis Welsing. I explained the essence of her explanation regarding why Whites are so intent on domination and supremacy.

For those of you who are not familiar with The Isis Papers and Dr Welsing’s theory, it goes, in a nutshell, like this.

Long ago and far away in a place called Africa, all the villages got together and decided to kick out all the albino white mutants. (Nothing is said regarding why this was done or when.) Thus started the migration of the cast out albinos. They went North where the sun wasn’t so harsh.

On the way they interbred and changed into Caucasians. Their hair, lips, and noses got thin. They turned evil and decided to take revenge on all black and brown people for rejecting them. They tried to love themselves but they couldn’t because their own Black mothers and fathers rejected them.

Albinos (Whites) were created when Adam and Eve ate the poisoned fruit. Adam and Eve were black Africans but their cursed children were mutant albinos. Albinos therefore represent original sin.

According to Dr Welsing there is no difference microscopically in the skin of a White person and what she continually calls albino mutants.

I have always had questions about these African villagers who decided to get rid of their albino relatives, friends and children. How old were these albinos? Did people banish their spouses and parents? Did mothers give up their babies? Were long time friendships dissolved? There must have been a huge conference regarding this banishment if all these villagers got together to agree on this action. Too many questions have gone unanswered. Such is the context of fantasy and fairy tale.

It must have been at lest 20 years since I first told people of the stupidity of this theory. But just like most Whites give reasons for why they think Black people are black, (they blamed it on syphilis) some Black people give reasons as to why they think White people are white, they blame it on albinos.

It’s just the way one group of people shows contempt for another. IMHO both sides need to get a grip.


The myth is still alive — 2 Comments

  1. I could physically feel my I.Q dropping inside my head as I read Welsing’s theory, I’m gonna go read some articles on Nero.physics maybe I’ll get a little of it back! Wow to think that’s 2minutes of wasted time reading that that I’ll never have back ,oh well….

    • Actually you didn’t waste time. You gained some knowledge. Knowledge of the craziness that is running around out there. I also lamented that I bought her book and read the chapters. But I realized that if I hadn’t I would not have been able to warn, I mean, tell others.

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