Here are some places where you can go for more information on interesting topics surrounding albinism. If you have suggestions for new ones, please let me know.

There are many Facebook groups  and other social media groups where you can find people with albinism to converse with from around the world. Check out places like LinkedIn, Google, or Yahoo, to see where we hang out.

Richard L. Windsor, O.D., and Laura K. Windsor, O.D. from The Low Vision Centers of Indiana have put together a nice web page explaining the low vision aspects of albinism. For instance, why I and others like me tilt or turn our heads when looking at things. Teachers don’t understand this and make us point our noses at what we are supposed to be looking at. Problem is, when we do that, we can’t see it.

Rick Guidotti’s POSITIVE EXPOSURE page is awesome. Check it out.

Albinism in popular culture is a very well-done and informative site.There are links there that I do not need to repeat here. Check out the 19th century people with albinism link.

Albinism in the media by Bianca. Great job. A must see.

19th Century Images of Albinism was a nice website that had some beautiful postcards. It was maintained by Marcel Safier from Australia. The site seems to have been taken down but if you type the above phrase in a search engine the images should show.



Running for Alivela. This blog run by Bettina Keppers focuses on, among other causes, The Fasha Center which is a haven for children and youth with albinism. If you click on the “donate here” link you are taken to the Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota.

Salif Keyta has formed The Salif Keyta Global Foundation (formerly called SOS)

Under The Same Sun started in Canada to help people with albinism in Tanzania. They are,  “…investing significantly within Tanzania to improve the lives of  Persons With Albinism by establishing a well staffed office and resource center there. Our primary focus is on advocacy and education as well as assisting PWA to access external information, education bursaries, health care and other community supports available to assist with their genetic condition…”

The National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation (NOAH) Is a great place to go for lots of information, resources and discussion groups.

The International Albinism Center will give all the latest on the scientific side of albinism.

The Albinism Fellowship is stationed in the UK.

Albinism Fellowship of Australia

The Uganda Albinism Aid Project
The purpose of the project is to:
“…register everybody in Uganda who has albinism, enlighten and educate the average African on what albinism really is, education for the children and to give the young adults a possibility to work. We also want to address basic needs like spf/upf sun protective clothing, spf hats, sunscreen lotions, protective glasses etc….”

The Albino Society of South Africa
P. O. Box 350
Meadowlands, 1852
Phone 011-936-6905
Professional pan-Africans with albinism
Although we are all professional, I have chosen some of the people I have had personal contact with and who I thought you might like to know.

Life Ain’t Scripted
Our mission is to create awareness about albinism. We will strive to educate others that the color of your skin does not define who you are. We hope to inspire those living with albinism by showing, first hand, the experiences they may have. With education, mentoring and experience, we envision acceptance and understanding among those within and outside of the ‘Golden Family”.


Albinism is getting more and more mainstream news coverage. This is due to the grizzly happenings in parts of South Africa.

ABC’s program 20/20 aired an introduction of sorts. It’s a bit “poor thing’ish” at times but it does also have good parts and shows us as being happy and normal.

Here is an article from The Sun newspaper with a sensational title.

According to Tropes TV a trope is a convention device or indium used in conveyances such as fiction stories to make the story more interesting. One thing guaranteed to bring more interest in a story is to put an albino in it. In most cases the person with albinism is the embodiment of evil. This is very comprehensive. Check it out.

Personal pages

Here are some brothers and sisters with albinism who are movers and shakers. Each one is IMHO truly awesome.

Sir Maejor in American Horror Story

Sir Maejor in American Horror Story

Sir Maejor is an actor and model from Atlanta Georgia. One of his many claims to fame is his role in American Horror Story.







Victor Varnado is an actor and film producer hailing from New York.

Justin Bullock

Justin Bullock

Justin Bullock is a model and actor from New York.






Shaun Ross is also a model from, Los Angeles, CA.

Mim Nahadr

Mim Nahadr

Mim Nahadr is an actress, singer, performer who is a world traveler. She impresses people wherever she goes.






Ava Clark

Ava Clark


Ava Clark is another model (we have lots of them). She is the youngest I’ve seen; born in 2008.









Other conditions you may be interested in

National Vitiligo Foundation Inc. Is based in the US.

The American Vitiligo Research Foundation Is based in Florida.

The Vitiligo Society is based in the UK.

There are at least two nystagmus networks. One is based in the UK and one is based in America. We are not the only people who have it.