I’m still here

Hello Golden Children.

It’s been a while since I posted. I am posting mainly to my Facebook page these days.

I worked on this mission for decades. When I started there was nothing else out there informing us about our lives and each other. Now there are many other beautiful young Golden People doing wonderful things and showing the world who we are. In a way I feel that my mission has been accomplished. For a while I was contemplating taking this site down. I no longer haunt libraries searching for historical information, and that’s what this site was about.

Yet, I still feel there is much more hidden history to discover. I don’t see anyone else pursuing this. In fact, the only information I have seen regarding our history has been stolen from me verbatim and put on other sites. Also: there’s that bad habit of reporters asking White people what it’s like in the Black albinism community. What’s up with that?

That being said, I can’t let go of The Golden Child just yet. I feel the need to be a loud Black voice who does not apologize for being Black, loud, and angry. Nor do I apologize for being an albino. As long as our own folks still treat us with disrespect because we’re not black enough, and White folks treat us with their tired old inherent bigotry because we are too Black, I will speak out on this platform.

So The Golden Child will go on for a little while longer.

Stay tuned.

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