White Christmas?

children around the world

What’s wrong with this picture?

Hotep, fellow Pan Africans.

How are you dealing with your “White Christmas?”

Each time a holiday comes around I realize how much this country is divided. I realize how in the dark White Amerikkka really is.

Once again Whites are looking at us oddly and shaking their heads, trying to figure out what’s wrong with those minorities? Why can’t they just be like us?

So now it is Christmas: a once pagan holiday, stolen and bastardized by the Christians. Everywhere I look I see White Santas, a White Jesus, White angels, and White elves. I just read that Macy’s of New York hides their Black Santa so as not to offend Whites. How sad is this?

As I write this I am listening to Renaissance music: the only music I can stand that has anything to do with Christmas. Carols are either too religious for me or too silly. A red-nosed reindeer, a talking snowman, really?

The other day I was at a so-called holiday party. Someone got it in their heads to sing a few Christmas Carols. Some of us refused to sing and we were seen as grouches. The Whites had no idea nor did they care that they were offending some of the people, even though I said this out loud. We had a Jewish guest who looked at the floor when the songs were sung. Many Whites and Christians don’t care when they are being offensive. They just want us to get with their program.

So on this Christmas day I will wish you a happy Solstice, happy Yuletide (homage to the god Odin) happy Wassail (a wish for health for you and your apple trees) and happy Christmastide (12 days from Christmas to Epiphany). Or maybe I will be more succinct and just say, Seasons Greetings.

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