Did you really ask me that?

B and W and still Black.There is a reason people who are outside the “norm” are called curiosities. People are curious about us. We attract their attention and they want to know stuff. Most of it is none of their business but it is an odd human trait to think that anyone who is not like you is obligated to answer all of your intrusive questions.

This must be why strangers walk up to me and sometimes start firing off questions or making assumptions.

The following are some of the many weird questions I have been asked and even weirder comments said to me. I have left out some of the more obnoxious ones. They were not meant to hurt my feelings but just made as a statement of fact that I was supposed to agree with. The people who made such statements soon learned that the movie they saw was incorrect about what and who an albino really is.

I also left out statements and questions people have asked me that were so out there that I would not dignify them with an answer.

Let me answer some of your questions here so you won’t have to lay awake at night wondering about that person you saw today. Also so you won’t have to ask that question and risk getting your feelings hurt. Everyone’s not as tolerant as I.

The following are IMHO the most often asked questions and statements. They are not in any particular order.

Q. Is there a cure for what you’ve got?
A. I’m not sick. Albinism is not a “condition” or a disease. Stop trying to cure us or fix us. It is an inherited state of being just like your green, blue or brown eyes. People look for a cause or a fault when they see someone not like them.
Q. You’re just a mutation right?
A. All humans are mutations; every one of us. It keeps us from looking as alike as a herd of antelope.
Q. “Real” albinos have white hair/pink eyes.
A. Hon, I’m as real as it gets. You have watched too many movies with actors in bad makeup. You have read too much old outdated information (perhaps from the old Britannica 3?) that lumps all albinos (rats, gorillas, humans) into the same category.
Q. Which one of your parents is White?
A. Neither. Nor are their parents. I am not the result of any Caucasian gene. Pan-African people with albinism were the first recorded human “anomaly” in recorded history. We were being born in Africa long before Great White Hunter ever set foot there.
Q. May I ask you a personal question?
A. You may ASK me anything you want.
Q. What color would your children be?
A. Black.
Q. Can you have children?
A. We are not sterile. We are not mules. Everything works (almost).
Q. Why don’t you just get a tan?
A. Tans are caused by pigment cells. If I had them I wouldn’t be an albino.
Q. I heard there is a pill/shot you can take.
A. Why would I do that?
Q. How long will you live?
A. Probably until I step out in front of a truck. We have normal life spans.
Q. Do you know the name of the slave master who made you who you are?
A. (Sigh.) How many times must I say this? Albinism has NOTHING to do with Caucasian genes.
Q. How many fingers am I holding up?
A. My usual answer is 12

Okay, Okay. I will answer some of the other questions I have been asked, in case your particular question is not on the list. No, we are not deaf. White cats and dogs with blue eyes are deaf. Blond haired blue-eyed people aren’t. Did you ever think about that? BTW, white cats and dogs are not albinos. No you cannot see my organs through my skin. No, my blood is not white. No, I am not color blind. I am not blind at all. (Have you seen my art?) No, my sinus headache has nothing to do with my albinism. Yes, my eyes are sensitive to light. Yes I have to protect my skin from the sun so I don’t get cancer but I do not have to stay indoors in the dark for life.

As I stated I am a person who tries to enlighten and inform people about the state of being, called albinism. That’s why I started this site 13 or so years ago.

Most people are genuinely curious and know nothing about us. Some are kind of rude and stupid. Some are annoying, some are downright scary. You have to take the bitter with the sweet and act appropriately.


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