Creeps you meet

Walking through your life in a different uniform from other people gets you attention. Some of it is good, some of it is bad, all of it is about curiosity.

From time to time I will tell you about the kooks and crazies I meet both on the net and in real life.

Here is a email I got a while ago. It started like this:

hi im interested in albino black men

“…i saw your made up character hes cute. i tried to look up albino african slaves but it looks like there isnt any. albinism is cool like ablack person painted white.have you seen any with white skin white hair and red eyes? have you seen an albino black guy?i dont mean to get personal but do albinos have white or yellow pubic hair? if you put a flashlight to their chest or arm can you see their organs? have you heard of this rapper name krondon? darnell swallow? yellowman albeeno? those are celebrity albinos.i always wanted to see an albino black man in real life.can you email me pics of albino black men you know? im 1/2 black so. i told you so i wont sound kreepy to you…

Well guess what my friend; you are creepy as hell and there is no way I am going to answer you. I went to my albinism group and told them about this email. It was unanimous that I not answer it. So I didn’t.

Are people like this ill mannered, or just stupid? What are they thinking? My feeling is, this is someone’s way of poking fun at people  who are not like them. Were you and your friends sitting around thinking up this nonsense and laughing your pigmented heads off? If so, get lost.

There will always be curiosity about us. There will also be rude people. While there will always be the part of me that want’s to inform people about albinism, there will also be the other part of me that  wants to tell the creeps to **** off.  AND LEARN TO WRITE!

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