Dr. Two Brains

Dr. Two Brains Word Girl. Warner Brothers

Word Girl encounters a scientist who melded his brain and body with a white mouse turning him into an albino who is obsessed with cheese.

Dark Water

Dark Water. 1992.  One episode features a race of tall, very white beings with red eyes.

Garfield and Friends. Season 2, episode 14. A mad scientist, Dr Garbanzo Bean has pink eyes, thick glasses and white hair.

Jem and the Holograms. 1985-1988. Hasbro Toys and Marvel Comics

Jem, sometimes misspelled Gem was an invention by a toy and comic company in order to sell, well, toys and comics. There were two main girl bands. Jem and the Holograms were the good guys. They had a rival band called the Misfits. The Misfits were spoiled, jealous and bad mannered. One of the Misfits was an albino named Roxy. It was never mentioned in the cartoon or probably anywhere else, but of course I noticed her pink eyes right away.

The X-Files: Teliko. 1996. “Mulder and Scully combine folklore and Science to solve the mysterious disappearance of African American men”

According to this episode if you remove a person’s pituitary gland, the gland responsible for producing pigment, that person will take on some albinism characteristics such as white skin and the pink eye illusion. It seems a “race” of albinos were obtaining pigment by stealing the pituitary glands of others.

The Flash: TV series. 1990: An episode featuring Mr. freeze: an angry, mad scientist with albinism, set out on some sort of revenge by freezing people with a ray gun. Sounds a lot like a Batman movie. Who owns copyright here? this is an example of people equating us with ice, snow and winter.

Evil albino Klingon

Who can forget that famous Star Trek Next Generation episode about the rampaging albino Klingon. Of course he didn’t have a name. He was just “The albino“.

Albino Klingon Judge

From Wikia. “…In 2293, these three Klingon judges presided over the trial of Captain James Kirk and Doctor Leonard McCoy after they were accused of involvement in the assassination of Chancellor Gorkon. The trio of judges consisted of an albino Klingon speaker and two other judges…”

What are we doing tomorrow night?

Pinky and the Brain. Warner Brothers. 1993

Mice and rabbits are among the few animals actually bred for albinism. this is mostly because scientists like them. I have heard many people refer to white mice as lab mice. This is a little backwards but I pick my battles.

So, when Pinky and the Brain first aired as a segment of Animanics no one thought that two albino mice were that unusual. Had they been white rabbits it would have been the same. However: a cartoon featuring two albino kangaroos, weasels, or pandas would have been another matter. In fact, if and when an albino human or animal is shown, they are shown one at a time. You know how it is. If two of us show up at the same time people think we’re related.



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  1. There was a TV series called The Pretender , it was in one of the episodes an actor portrayed an albino hit man i’m not sure if he was real or not but anytime i see that episode again i’ll take note of his name and cross reference it to see .

    • I haven’t seen that one. I do see a lot of movies and shows with people who are supposed to have albinism. Some of them are real and some are not. Usually I can tell right away.

    • No. She has white hair but her skin is brown. Hollywood albinos are usually pure white with red eyes.